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I'm Adrien, a composer based in lyon, France. 

I offer services such as songwriting,production, and synth sound design, specifically tailored for bands/artists, video games, films and various media.

crafting unique music lies in the art of crossing genres, and i specialize in blending modern metal with cinematic and electronic music elements.


adapting my songwriting to fit your vision is essential, whether it involves creating dark and atmospheric electronic music or aggressive and hard-hitting electronic metal.

Video game music with semi modular synth

My music

Ghostrunner rescore


Full song composition/Recording/Production



A/B Comparison between MY production and the final mix by headquarter corp.

Songwriting with Moog MF 102 pedal

Mathias Fältskog

(Crownseeker Studios)

Crownseekers Studio mixing and mastering

Somber Whale

Modern Metal Band Somber Whale

"When you work with somebody like Adrien, you really understand what "passion" means. This guy just keep improving his audio engineering skills to get the best of every song, we can assure you he will be able to make you proud of your sound!"

"With stellar production quality, tasteful and unique levels of sound-design with mixes guaranteed to blow you away.. Adrien Gonzales holds the perfect combination of skills to help your music compete on the professional market. Because of his vast focus to detail and a "do whatever it takes" mentality, I can assure you that he's destined for great things! Jump the gun quick before he'll be way out of your budget."

Synth sound design with analog synths

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